Gilbert McArdle, M.D.’s New Book “The Unfinished Business of Human Evolution” is About the Multiple Fascinating Scientific Aspects of Human Evolution

Gilbert McArdle, M.D., a retired general surgeon, has completed his new book “The Unfinished Business of Human Evolution”: an intriguing thought experiment revolving around McArdle’s career of treating numerous disease states in which it appeared that some of these illnesses could possibly be related to unresolved aspects of human evolution, for example recurrent diseases of the spine, hernias, and arthritis.

McArdle clarifies that “obviously, these personal suggestions and opinions concerning human evolution will be controversial or even unreasonable to evolutionists and those groups or individuals who do not believe in evolution. It should be stated that (my) intent is not to be offensive to anyone, but merely to present several ideas about evolution that may perhaps stimulate interest in the multiple fascinating scientific aspects of evolution in general and human evolution in particular.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Gilbert McArdle, M.D.’s intriguing discussions of these various “anomalies of human evolution,” so to speak, are presented along with possible suggested evolutionary “corrections,” both anatomical and biochemical, of these anomalies. These discussions are prefaced by a brief review of the major historical concepts in the theory of evolution.

This book presents several putative theoretical proposals for improvements in human evolution. It is apparent to evolutionists that it took four to five million years for our quadruped primate progenitors to progress to the sustainable erect ambulation of present-day humans. The essential feature of biped ambulation was to free the upper extremities of Homo sapiens for the creative endeavors of art, science, and language, thereby enabling people (along with improved…

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