Getting Started With jQuery – Advanced Ajax Characters & Encoding

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One of the biggest problems you encounter in using Ajax is the dreaded character encoding. No matter what data format you select, the data is actually transmitted as text. But it isn’t as simple as this sounds. This is the final chapter in the newly published Just jQuery: Events, Async and Ajax.


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The Core UI

  1. Understanding jQuery (Book Only)
  2. The DOM And Selectors
  3. CSS Selectors
  4. The jQuery Object (Book Only)
  5. Filters
  6. Advanced Filters – Traversing The DOM
  7. Modifying DOM Objects
  8. Creating And Modifying The DOM
  9. jQuery Data
  10. Forms
  11. Function Queues
  12. Animation
  13. jQuery UI
  14. jQuery UI Custom Control – Widget Factory
  15. jQuery – Easy Plugins
  16. Getting Started With QUnit Testing


You can buy it from:

USA and World




Events, Async & AJAX

  1. Events, Async & Ajax (Book Only)
  2. Reinventing Events
  3. Working With Events
  4. Asynchronous Code
  5. Consuming Promises
  6. Using Promises 
  7. WebWorkers
  8. Ajax the Basics – get
  9. Ajax the Basics –  post
  10. Ajax – Advanced Ajax To The Server
  11. Ajax – Advanced Ajax To The Client
  12. Ajax – Advanced Ajax Transports And JSONP
  13. Ajax – Advanced Ajax The jsXHR Object
  14. Ajax – Advanced Ajax Character Coding And Encoding 


Before we start to look at character encoding within Ajax we have to understand the problem it tries to solve. At its most basic, data on the Internet consists of groups of 8-bits known at an “octet” but usually just called a “byte”. Obviously to represent…

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