Georgia Aquarium Sea Lions Pull Kids into Learning | News

With over 28 million views on YouTube, a viral video showing a 700-pound sea lion pulling a little girl into the water off a pier in Vancouver, British Columbia, has left many around the world stunned about the possible bad behaviors that these pinniped creatures may possess.  


A young sea lion at Georgia Aquarium. (Photo Courtesy of Georgia Aquarium)

Pinniped trainer, Abigail Kucher works very closely with some of your favorite fishy friends at Georgia Aquarium in SunTrust Pier 225’s ‘Under the Boardwalk’ sea lion presentation and with the summer education program, Camp H20; where children learn all about the importance of aquatic animal rescue & rehabilitation, research, and conservation. 

Kucher studied Animal Behavior at Franklin & Marshall College, and from there interned at tons of other places before making the aquarium her home. As an expert, she sits down with us to dispel the recent concerns that some people may have regarding her students.   

AV: Sea lions have received a bit of a bad rep lately due to the latest viral video. What is the difference between wild sea lions and Georgia Aquarium sea lions?

AK: So wild sea lions, the word itself, it tells you that they are wild, so we need to be very respectful of wild animals and the environment that they are in. The difference with our sea…

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