Eye Exams in Somerville,MA- why getting your eyes inspected from a professional is essential

Getting your eyes examined and checked by a certified eye specialist is a must for people of every age group. When it comes to taking care of our eyes, most of us tend to take it for granted and behave lax. The age group that needs maximum eye examinations are school going and pre school children. As now a days the children are exposed to several mediums like reading, writing, watching television and most importantly playing on their gaming consoles. There are many ophthalmologists who conduct eye exams in Somerville,MA.

The first step for an eye examination is that you will have to zero down to an eye specialist who conducts eye exams in Somerville,MA. After you select an eye specialist, you should visit the clinic with all your medical reports. In case you have any family history of eye problems like, infections or deformities, do remember to bring it to your eye specialist’s notice.

The eye exam consists of  different stages that deal with the different parts and sections of your eyes. We all know the basic eye examination is composed of a chart of alphabets hung on the wall. They are written in big and small font and as you read or are unable to, the doctor puts his finger on your problem. As you read he keeps putting different lenses into an apparatus he makes you wear, and which helps him determine what power glasses you will need. This type of a test hardly takes any time and is used only to determine whether you need glasses or your vision is perfect even without them.

A more detailed eye examination is needed to check if there is internally anything wrong with the eye. People suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic eye problems, need to get their eyes checked on a regular basis from a certified optometric. The external test of the pupil, the eyelids and the scelra help the doctor to check if there is any abnormality in the eye. The test further moves to something known as the visual acuity test, which consists of determining the…

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