Experts on the Coming Wave of DNA and Personal Biomarker Testing Take Center Stage at 2017 Global Wellness Summit

We are at an extraordinary tipping point with DNA, biomarker and epigenetic testing – and the dam is about to burst.

Over the next three to five years a flood of individual genetic tests, followed by even more sophisticated personal biomarker and epigenetic tests, will radically rewrite the approach to not only healthcare and wellness but also prevention. The first wave of DNA tests, including Helix, 23&Me and AncestryDNA, marks the beginning of this incredible trend and enables individuals to easily ascertain their likelihood of being more or less at risk of developing certain health conditions. Next up is genome-based nutrition and well-being testing which can help us better understand and identify associations between genetic variations present in our DNA and our body’s predisposition to nutrition, dieting, fitness, skin care, allergies, etc.

As this huge trend picks up steam, delegates of the 2017 Global Wellness Summit will be immersed in the discovery of what these tests – and their results – really mean and the effect they will have on both the medical and wellness industries. In fact, many delegates will have the opportunity to take a DNA-Based Wellness Assessment from LifeNome before the Summit kicks off and will be encouraged to participate in interactive discussions around the testing experience, as well as the greater implications that this in-depth information could ultimately have on individuals and society as a whole.

“As part of ‘Living a Well Life,’ the theme of this year’s Summit, we are encouraging delegates to examine what makes us who we are, and DNA plays a significant role in this discovery. Collaborative, expert-led conversations and debates around the radical implications these new tests have on our…

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