Driving Sales Using Door Hangers for Movie Theaters


Over the years, marketing tools and materials have been transformed from the basic tools used many years ago to such materials as door hangers for movie theaters being used to promote shows. One of the ways of promoting services such as upcoming events that can be used by the entertainment industry is employing the use of these print adverts to market their shows.

Effectiveness is Key

What makes the use of door hangers for movie theaters effective is because, as marketing materials, they are hard to ignore because they are strategically hanging on doorknobs. To ensure that people actually take time to read the shows that are being promoted, it’s important to ensure that its design and layout draw people’s attention.

Another thing that makes the use of door hangers for movie theaters effective is they usually come with a tear away piece at the bottom, which the customer can carry as a reminder. These tear away parts can also be very useful for giving away discounts and special offers to those who attend shows with the pieces giving them an element of value.

Cheap Marketing Tool

Using door hangers for movie theaters is an inexpensive way of marketing; this is because they have a high return on investment, in addition to increasing sales by attracting new customers and from repeat ones. Competition among businesses has increased, with traditional show biz being challenged by contemporary forms. This is a not only cost effective, but has also cut a niche for itself by communicating directly to the target audience.

Use design and layout to attract audience

In order to make good door hangers for movie theaters that will communicate effectively to the target audience, several things have to be considered in printing them. The design has to be unique in order to intrigue customers. First is the use of color; color is a good way of attracting attention. Moreover, color represents the company’s brand so it should be vibrant, accompanied with bold fonts. Full…

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