DEMANDTRANS, Inc & Europe’s Award-Winning Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) Leader TUUP Announce US Smart City Strategic Partnership

“Our collective vision is to help all cities create efficient, cost-effective and sustainable transport systems through technology.” Pekka Motto CEO Tuup

Dr. Roger Teal and his team of transit technology professionals are excited to partner with Tuup, Ltd, a multiple-award winning Finnish transportation technology company founded in 2015 and led by CEO and Partner Pekka Motto.

Tuup will deploy its Mobility-as-a Service (MaaS) platform to connect various forms of transport to customers via a single, intuitive and efficient solution. MaaS sorts transport options from different providers and then handles everything from travel planning, route optimization, dispatching and payments. MaaS is an innovative approach that enhances transit efficiency, increases flexibility and reduces costs.

Via their smartphone or wireless device, travelers will have the freedom to compare various options and costs of different mobility services easily and safely from one application. As Tuup CEO Pekka Motto states, “We have the proven capability to deliver intelligent, personalized and efficient transport services to public transit agencies in Europe and are excited to introduce this technology to the US.” He continues “By partnering with Roger and his DEMANDTRANS team, we are well on our way to producing amazing results for cities, transit agencies and their valued passengers.”

Motto and Teal are in agreement that transportation agencies in the US and abroad continue to struggle in the face of shrinking budgets and the escalating costs of maintaining aging fixed route services. Mobility-as-a-Service represents a much needed shift in transportation from a fragmented system of transit, individual service providers and private…

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