Damn Fine, Official TWIN PEAKS Jewelry From RockLove Has Arrived

For much of the past twenty-five years, if you were a loyal Twin Peaks fan, it was tough to get any merchandise based on the show at all. David Lynch was notoriously picky about what he allowed to be created as products based on his and Mark Frost‘s beloved television series. Aside from a few t-shirts and coffee mugs and such released during the show’s original heyday, there’s been next to nothing.

Boy, is that sure different now. With the show’s impeding return to the airwaves on Showtime, the floodgates are open when it comes to Twin Peaks merch, for maybe the first time ever. There are Twin Peaks Funko figures, Twin Peaks vinyl album re-releases, Twin Peaks posters, and now, thanks to the folks at RockLove, a new line of official Twin Peaks jewelry.

Among the items are a collector’s set of enamel pins, featuring the Double R Diner favorites of cherry pie, donuts and a cup of coffee, as well as a pin featuring the Owl Cave symbol. Also offered is s an Owl shaped keychain, which features the Giant’s mysterious message to Agent Dale Cooper “the Owls are not what they seem.”

There are also necklaces and pendants, featuring the zig zag pattern of the Red Room/Black Lodge, and bracelets which feature the cryptic phrase from the series “Fire Walk With Me.” But the coolest of these items is a recreation of the Owl Cave ring worn by Laura Palmer in the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, which is now up for pre-order. This signet ring is 14K yellow gold over sterling silver, and looks almost exactly like the one featured in the movie, truly a must for any hardcore fan of the series._

You can check out images of the entire RockLove Twin Peaks jewelry line in our gallery down below, and to order any of the damn fine items, be sure to head over to RockLove.com.

Are you excited to finally be able to own some cool Twin Peaks merchandise? Let us know down below in the comments.

Images: New Line Cinema; RockLove Jewelry

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