CSI: Sauk – Students investigate the world of forensics

DIXON – Local kids got the chance to develop their investigation skills during College for Kids on Monday at Sauk Valley Community College.

College for Kids, which runs Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks, offers third- through sixth-graders a wide variety of classes to spark their creativity, with topics covering art, science, sign language, crocheting and more.

Six kids are taking the Sherlock Holmes Forensics class. Monday’s experiment had an “Alice in Wonderland” theme: They tried to solve who stole the queen’s tarts, using five stations where they learned about fingerprinting, interviewing, fiber analysis and more.

The goal, says Brenda Helms, Sauk’s community education coordinator, is to make them more aware, investigative and observant.

About 21 kids are registered for the college; they can attend a full day, or take just one class. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Spots still are available. Next week’s classes including cupcake…

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