Company’s nonprofit arm donates hearing aid worth thousands to Dallas woman | West Georgia Neighbor

A national hearing aid company has returned the sounds around her to a Dallas woman.

Eugenia Maxwell, 73, of Dallas, earned the right to receive a donation of an estimated $8,000 worth of hearing aid equipment from the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation after telling foundation officials about being financially unable to buy the needed device.

Maxwell, a retiree who said she is on a “very limited fixed income,” recently took a hearing test that indicated she had severe hearing loss, a news release stated.

The nonprofit Beltone Foundation donates hearing aids based on financial need. Maxwell was nominated by Michael Blackman, a hearing care practitioner at the Beltone Audiology & Hearing Aid Center on Seven Hills Boulevard in Dallas.

“She had known for years but had lots of problems,” Blackman said.

Maxwell, a retired school custodian, wrote in a letter seeking the equipment, “I am slowly losing my hearing and I need a hearing aid.”

“I am 73 years old and my husband and I are on Social Security. My husband has extensive COPD and can hardly get around and my son, who is with us part of the time has (multiple sclerosis).

“I would like to be able to afford to buy a hearing aid but with the last year that we have had, it is impossible.”

She said a leak in her home’s plumbing led to flooding in October 2015, which forced her and her husband, a retired brickmason, to install all new plumbing in the home they have lived in since the mid-1970s.

They then found the pump that helps supply well water to the home was wearing out. The family now is getting water from a neighbor’s home, she said.

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