Column: Jackson community survey provided helpful information (7/18/17)

The board of aldermen was presented the final report of the community survey by ETC Institute at a recent meeting. The ETC Institute conducted the scientific survey of Jackson residents during the month of May. I would like to thank all citizens who took their time to fill out this survey. A better than 20 percent response rate is fantastic for a survey of this nature. This proves our citizens are engaged in our community and desire to assist the leadership to improve Jackson. The survey respondents reflected the demographic and geography spread of the city to further enhance its accuracy as being reflective of our population.

I would encourage you to review the survey results by going to The final report allows you to review all the questions and the answers provided by the respondents. It also provides information on satisfaction levels, retail business interests, priorities and comparisons to other cities’ surveys through ETC Institute benchmarking methodology.

Going forward, it is very important to use the results to provide guidance to the city staff, the Jackson Community Outreach Board and Park Boards and Board of Aldermen. This survey will also provide a base for future surveys to measure changes in attitudes over time.

In my view, one of the most important takeaways of the survey are the areas identified as needing improvement. Another key takeaway of the survey is the rating of the priorities of the City of Jackson. The board of aldermen and city staff develop, review and update priorities at a yearly retreat. Through the survey analysis, the ETC Institute is able to review those priorities and indicate those that are the most important and are most desired for action. This is accomplished by cross-referencing the highest ranked priorities against the level of satisfaction.

Some of areas that the City of Jackson will be emphasizing for future study and action:

* Curbside recycling. I was surprised how high this ranked…

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