College Scholarships for Videos Games? It’s Happening

For any parent who has fretted about their kids playing video games all day, here’s a reason to relax.

Esports — team video game competition — is coming to more college campuses and some schools are treating these digital leagues like traditional sports, complete with recruiting, on-campus arenas and scholarships to entice students.

“There’s a phrase out there — esports is the wild, Wild West,” said Michael Brooks, Executive Director of the National Association of College eSports, an organization that formed nearly a year ago with an aim toward governing the sport at a collegiate level. “It was very true, and is still true to a certain extent right now. But consolidation is occurring in the amateur and pro space very rapidly.”

Just how popular has the industry become? Esports finals sold out the Staples Center and Madison Square Garden in an hour.

Simon Fraser University competes against the University of Toronto during the opening round at the League of Legends College Championship on May 25, 2017 in Santa Monica, California.