BYU’s Kaufusi focuses attention on being a full-time football player

PROVO — These are exciting times for the Kaufusi family.

Bronson, a former BYU defensive line star, missed his NFL rookie season after suffering a season-ending ankle injury a year ago. Now, Bronson’s back with the Baltimore Ravens. On Thursday, he recorded a sack in an exhibition game.

Younger brother Corbin is looking to make a big impact at defensive end this season for the Cougars.

Michelle Kaufusi, their mother, is a candidate to become the first woman elected as mayor of Provo. The primary elections end this week. Both Corbin and Bronson have spent time this summer campaigning for their mom.

“I’m her biggest supporter,” Corbin said. “If my mom says, ‘Go knock doors,’ I’m knocking doors. If someone asks for signs up, I’m putting signs up.”

Steve Kaufusi, the father of Bronson and Corbin and husband of Michelle, served as BYU’s defensive line coach from 2002-2016 and this season he’s switched responsibilities and is now coaching the linebackers. Defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki is coaching the D-line now.

“They have their different styles of coaching. Coach (Tuiaki) is a great coach. It’s going from a great coach to a great coach. I can’t complain about anything,” said Corbin, who added that he’ll move home once the season starts to focus on football. “At home, my dad is pretty good about leaving work at work. But, if he has any advice, I’m always going to hear it.”

For the first time in his college career, Corbin, a 6-foot-9, 285-pound junior, is a full-time football player after playing three seasons for the Cougar basketball team.

These days, he’s all but given up hoops.

During his offseason training regimen, Kaufusi didn’t play any pickup ball,…

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