Boy explains why he loves his brother with down syndrome

Turner and his baby brother Griffin (who he affectionately calls ‘Biffin’) are best friends, and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Their genuine love for each-other is palpable in a touching video posted to the Facebook page Special Books by Special Kids, which has notched up over 22 million views. 

“It makes me feel good to have a brother like him,” says Griffin.

“I love you because you make me laugh,” says Turner, between hugs, kisses and plenty of laughter. 

Image: Special Books by Special Kids

“Turner is diagnosed with Down syndrome and wants to be like his big brother,” said Christopher Ulmer, who set up SBSK page to foster the artistic potential of his students.

According to Ulmer, the boys’ parents explained Turner’s diagnosis to Griffin at age three. His response? “If Turner has Down syndrome then so do I.”

If – like us – you’ve totally fallen in love with the cute Canadians and want more Turner and Biffin content in your life, you’re in luck. The special needs teacher from Nova Scotia is planning to record a video of the adorable pair every year, so we can watch them grow up and share their love with the world. 

“We’ve agreed to make this interview an annual…

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