Biniam Bizuneh (@biniambiz) on Erratic Behavior and Radical Honesty

Biniam Bizuneh is a writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. He’s the creator the web series LieGuys, and most recently he performed on the Vans Warped Tour, served as a consultant on Billy on the Street, and made his televised standup debut on the Viceland show, Flophouse. This week Bizuneh talked to me about three of his favorite tweets, plus black dolls, risks, and maintaining consistently erratic behavior.

This tweet falls into the “pointing out that we live in a white man’s world” category. That accounts for about 12.4% of my tweets (which, fun fact, is also the percentage of the American population that’s black). Ever since I saw this Donald Glover interview in 2014 in which he talks about how we live in a world made for white people, I can’t stop making observations like this. At one point in the interview he points out that band-aids are the color of skin. In our society, “skin” means white skin. By now, many have heard the band-aid thing, but at the time, it blew my mind. It made me really aware of the fact that in America, white = normal, and as obvious as that sounds, that was a new lens for me to look at the world through. It’s why when you say, “I saw this guy walking down Fairfax who…etc,” I assume “this guy” is a white guy unless you specify he’s not.

So I’ve never seen this movie, Life Size. I’ve just seen the poster and read its Wikipedia, but the fact that a 13-year-old Lindsay Lohan had a black doll struck me as incredibly bizarre. I’ve NEVER seen a little white girl (irl) with a black doll, and in the case that one of my black friends had a non-white doll growing up (many didn’t), it was on some bullshit like:

The black Barbie (in the ’90s/early 2000s, I can’t speak for today) was an afterthought. They…

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