Bill Clinton urges globalism in age of Trump

Internationally, Clinton told the audience that the world often relied on the US for help and that, in turn, the US helped itself. While he shied away from naming the Paris climate accord by name — an international treaty signed under President Barack Obama from which Trump withdrew this US earlier this month — Clinton mentioned climate change numerous times as an issue where international cooperation is needed.

“The pace of climate change is growing. Another big chunk of the arctic broke off not that long ago. Low-lying nations in the Pacific are already threatened — to them, denial of the problem strikes them as unbelievable,” he said. “So those of us who believe that we live in the most interdependent age in human history, and who do the work that we do, are clearly justified by the challenges that we face.”

Jabbing at the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency as well as its acknowledged preference for industry-backed science, Clinton said, “Once you rewrite the rules on science and you deny self-evident facts, and you do what they did in Russia, crack down on NGOs to a self evident extent — but they aren’t doing things better, otherwise Russia wouldn’t have a male life expectancy to 60, it would be 80 or more.”
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