Bastrop High tennis courts cracking; funding not available for fixes

As the Bastrop school district grapples with needed campus expansions and higher pay for teachers, Bastrop High School’s tennis courts have been deteriorating after seven years since having been constructed.

The six tennis courts are among the district’s needed infrastructure fixes. After the school district’s voters in November rejected a $75 million bond and a 13-cent tax ratification election, the courts are not likely to be improved anytime soon.

“That would have been a huge help in doing some infrastructure: buildings, parking lots,” Bastrop athletic director Bob Jones said of the failed bond election.

Jones first became aware of the cracking on the courts a year ago. “We understand that we want to repair it,” he said. “But I don’t know where it sits on the priority level. Do we fix the tennis courts and not have books and computers for our kids?”

Bastrop High School’s varsity tennis team didn’t host any matches during the fall and spring seasons because of the cracks. Jones said Bastrop tennis coach Robert Ardis switched matches last fall and spring to the opponents’ courts.

“He just felt like that was the easiest thing to do,” Jones said. “He was concerned about what people might think. He was never told that he couldn’t play there. He just chose to play on the road.”

This fall, however, matches will resume in Bastrop during this fall’s season, Jones said.

All District 19-5A athletic directors discussed Bastrop’s courts at a recent executive committee meeting. Jones said Ardis requested the matter be brought up and explained to the other district directors.

“We’re just making you aware because we don’t want you guys to roll up and go, ‘Oh no, we’re not playing,’” Jones said he told the…

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