Asian Americans should be the friends, not the enemies, of affirmative action (opinion)

Story highlights

  • Jeff Yang: Vocal minority of Asian Americans are collaborating with white conservatives to tear affirmative action down
  • He says this self-interest ignores that hard won civil rights — including affirmative action — opened door for Asian-Americans
Strange bedfellows, to be sure, given that Asian-Americans have made the greatest leftward political shift of any group of US voters in the last 25 years — going from just over 30% Democrat in 1992 to supporting President Obama’s re-election by a staggering 73% in 2012. In 2016, 79% of Asian-American voters chose Hillary Clinton.

But with affirmative action, Asian-Americans appear to veer, relatively speaking, to the right.

In 2016, the National Asian American Survey found that 52% of Asian-American voters agreed that “affirmative action programs designed to increase the number of black and minority students on college campuses” are a positive force in society. By contrast, a similarly phrased Gallup question found slightly higher support for affirmative action among white Americans (53%), and considerably more among African-Americans (77%) and Latinos (61%)

Conservative activists like Ed Blum and Ron Unz have spent two decades trying to use affirmative action as a wedge to split Asian-Americans from the coalition of voters of color who tend to vote Democratic.

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