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The 1,500student private school system has recently re-branded itself and updated its strategic plan as many of its leaders are heading into retirement and its director is leaving.

The four-school system hopes the ambitious plan will bring about big changes, including growing the student body by one-fourth, enhancing academics and creating less of a reliance on tuition.

The school system is attempting to respond to many of the outside changes that have taken place since leaders last evaluated RCS’s goals, including changes in the public schools and the rise of technology.

“It’s been tweaked and updated as the world has changed, as life has changed, as approaches to education have changed,” said outgoing Director Michael Brennan, noting that 2011 was the last time the school system’s strategic plan and mission were reviewed. “Technology has found a very different place in our schools in the course of six years.”

The updates are also in response to public school initiatives such as all-day, every-day kindergarten, which rolled out in 2014, and recent proposals to fund early childhood education. Those changes press private school leaders to keep up.

“You need a plan to be able to respond to that,” Brennan said.

Expanding academics and enrollment

Under the plan, the learning style is to become more personalized, support will be provided for special education students and enrichment programs will be provided for high-ability learners. Students should graduate “college ready” and not need to take any remedial courses upon enrolling in college.

RCS also plans to double its elective and exploratory courses, including more options for students to earn college credit while in high school, plus more internships and workplace experience. But the school system also plans to magnify its Catholic identity, making students’ religious experience more…

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