Apstra Delivers Network Agility and Automation to Address CIO Digital Transformation Needs

CIOs need to change their networking investment, culture and business processes now to keep pace, or get left behind.

CIOs today require data center network agility, increased availability, and improved ROI to achieve their digital business initiatives. Recent CIO research released shows that the criticality of the network will increase dramatically during the next five years as more enterprises accelerate their digital journey. Allocating strategic investments to bring agility and automation to a much outdated and brittle network will be key to the success of any digital transformation.

Apstra®, Inc., the pioneer in Intent-Based Networking (IBN), delivered in July of 2016, the Apstra Operating System™ (AOS), to enable a vendor-agnostic, closed loop, intent-based Self-Operating Network™ to answer this challenge.

According to a recent Gartner report, Make Networking a Critical Strategic Infrastructure for Enabling Digital, 14 July, 2017 ID: G00334596, “The typical CIO is already spending 18% of his/her IT budget in support of digitalization, with that number expected to increase to 28% by 2018. By way of comparison, top-performing enterprises (those where digitalization is fully baked into their planning processes and business model) are already spending an average of 34% of their IT budget on digital activities, which is expected to increase to 44% by 2018. While the precise elements of the IT budget are open to discussion, it’s clear that digitalization is becoming increasingly central to CIOs’ planning and investments, and networking will be a critical element.”1

The report also states that “nearly 50% of CEOs are experiencing board pressure to make faster progress toward digitalization,” and “by 2022, the…

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