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Market Reality: Aira Raises Funding for Visual Interpreter Service

Over the past week, we are seeing more companies capitalizing on services leveraging augmented reality. One company secured funding to expand their service, while two other companies grow its own services through acquisition.

Aira Raises $12 Million to Grow Visual Interpreter Service

Aira has closed a Series B round of funding totaling $12 million to extend its visual interpreter services to more blind and low vision individuals.

Available now to new users in the United States, the visual interpreter service from Aira enables users to navigate their physical environment through Google Glass with support from live remote agents. The agents are connected to the user’s view over dedicated bandwidth from AT&T and are assisted by an artificial intelligence platform that learns users’ preferences over time.

mCloud & Field Diagnostics Services Merge

mCloud Corp., an asset management services provider that leverages augmented reality and machine learning technology, has acquired Field Diagnostics Services, Inc. (FDSI), a cloud platform provider.

FDSI’s Google-based platform will enable mCloud to deliver its AssetCare solutions via the cloud, beginning with their HVAC unit and mid-size wind turbine monitoring service and eventually extending to field…

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