Additional plastic bag hearing scheduled

Wampsville, N.Y. >> Madison County wants to hear more from its residents regarding the potential ban on single-use carryout bags.

In response to the public’s requests to hold an evening meeting there will be a public hearing on the proposed plastic bag ban in Madison County at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25 in the Board of Supervisors meeting room on the second floor of the County Office Bldg. in Wampsville.

The local law would ban all stores and food vendors from providing customers plastic carryout bags and prevent stores from charging a fee for or preventing customers from using their own reusable bags. Stores would be allowed to provide paper carryout bags and reusable bags to customers.

Any store or vendor found in violation of the local law, if enacted, would be charged a civil penalty of $250 for their first violation and $500 for any subsequent violations within an 18-month period. For the first six months after the law is enacted, anyone who violates the order will be issued a warning first; the law wouldn’t take effect until six months after it’s approved by the board and filed with the New York Secretary of State.


Suffolk and Nassau counties have similar bans currently in place.

The reasoning for the law is to protect the environment, reduce pollution and control litter. The proposed legislation also details how plastic bags are notorious for clogging storm drains and sewers which in turn exacerbates flooding dangers in low-lying communities.

Since announcing the proposed legislation, the county has held two public hearings on the matter.

At a May meeting, among those who commented at the public hearing, there was a mixed reaction to the proposed law.

The vast majority of residents who spoke that didn’t represent a business or organization were in favor of the ban.

Many people representing businesses expressed an interest in finding a solution that would better suit their…

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