Actually, Google manifesto writer, the number of women in tech is declining — thanks to guys like you

The recently penned “anti-diversity” memo from Google “tech bro” James Damore has ignited furor over a lack of gender diversity, and for good reason. Damore, a former software engineer for Google, wrote a 10-page manifesto, made public by Motherboard on Saturday, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” in which he posits “biological differences” are the reason women are underrepresented within the tech industry.

According to the manifesto, women just aren’t made to be as successful in the tech world as men because they lack a drive to achieve a high status and are not willing to abandon a “balanced and fulfilling life.” Damore suggests women are more focused on “feelings and aesthetics rather than ideas,” which results in unequal representation. He further argues these deficiencies lie within a woman’s instinctive behavior, suggesting an unstable mental state is the cause of gender inequity in the industry. And, according to Damore, “neuroticism” is the reason for “the lower number of women in high stress jobs,” specifically in the tech field.

He later argues the company’s initiatives such as their mentoring and training programs are catered “only for people with a certain gender or race,” suggesting Google is marginalizing the white men they employ. Damore says the company’s left bias “has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence,” a standpoint most common among people who throw around the word “snowflake.”

Although Damore’s points seem shocking to those outside of Silicon Valley, hearing perspectives similar to those outlined in the manifesto are routine for anyone in the industry, especially women. A female technical project manager for a custom analytics solution team told Huffington Post she has “no reasonable expectation of respect at work.”

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