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Now it’s time for the Barbershop, where we gather a group of interesting people to talk about what’s in the news and what’s on their minds. Today, we want to talk about some of the issues bubbling up around technology and culture that might tell us about something bigger going on in the country. And joining us are April Glaser. She covers tech for Slate. She joins us from San Francisco. And with her in the studio is Washington Post contributor Steven Petrow. Hi guys.



SMITH: Also with us is Tonya Mosley senior Silicon Valley correspondent for member station KQED. She joins us from San Jose. Hi, Tanya.


SMITH: So the big topic in the tech world this week is this leaked 10-page Google memo from now-former employee James Damore. In the memo, more lays out why he thinks there are fewer women in tech. And he suggests that part of the reason is due to biological differences between men and women. Damore was fired because of the memo. Google said he was perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes, caused a huge uproar. Google was going to hold a town hall meeting about it, but they canceled it because employees who were agreeing with Damore were being harassed online. So, OK, Tonya, how is Silicon Valley reacting to this?

MOSLEY: It’s really interesting because from the view of women in tech that I have known and talked to, they’re feeling fatigued you can imagine. Over time, any woman who has worked in tech or in a tech field or around it has heard this argument before or has dealt with constantly feeling like they were having to prove themselves. And so from that vantage point, there’s just this idea of we’re still having this discussion. And now, we’re elevating this discussion to the point of really taking a look at some of those diversity measures in places like Google to bring more women into the fold and minorities into the…

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