68% of high-performance employees are contacted about jobs every month

Misunderstanding HPEs

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest drivers of poor retention is a natural disconnect between executives and HPEs. With our talented employees fielding new opportunities at least every month, the way to protect the tenure of our people is through principled understanding and early proactive change. We need to take this concept much more seriously. Understanding and change only come by way of humility and hard work on our internal policies, moral foundation and system design. Most companies are simply not working hard enough toward cultural change.

Perhaps we can look to Uber and Amazon as examples of environments that need some help optimizing for the holistic health of its HPEs; this could be showing with what might be the shortest employee retention numbers in the industry. There are always two sides to every story, and corporate culture is a mysterious sort — but it seems where there is smoke, there is also fire.

Underfunded & Misdirected Cultural Change

Cultural debt, process and morale problems are like disease. A condition that takes two years to develop could take even longer to correct.

Cultural change is not nearly as simple as a new HR director or VP Engineering — change needs to happen all the way up to the founder/exec level and filter down. When executives fail to understand the unique principles of our HPEs it makes the battle for innovation and happy people much more difficult. Furthermore, it encourages our best people to engage in the next potential employment conversation.

Almost all medium-sized companies have internal initiatives targeting employee morale, fulfillment and…

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