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‘Let’s Stay Together:’ 49 years after brother’s death in Vietnam, musician keeps his legacy alive | Jacksonville News, Sports and Entertainment

Friday, March 31st, 2017:

A spare bedroom in Richard Boyce’s Mandarin home is stuffed with gear from a lifetime of making music: recording equipment, amplifiers, guitars and basses. He apologizes for the mess as he weaves a narrow trail through the artifacts to retrieve two special guitars. One is a wacky-cool Japanese electric guitar from the early 1960s, brand name Zim-Gar, shiny red and chrome, with enough buttons and dials to please any mad scientist. That’s the one Boyce’s brother Frankie played as the brothers backed up George Clinton’s slickly dressed doo-wop group the Parliaments, who would one day mutate into the Rock and […] Read More →

Opt for high-scoring anti-virus program over Windows Defender

Friday, March 31st, 2017:

Patrick Marshall answers your personal technology questions each week. Q: What do you think of Windows 10 Defender anti-virus? I have been using Kaspersky for about five years on one of my computers and Sophos from Staples on my laptop. Recently I was told that now that I have upgraded to Windows 10 I don’t need another anti-virus program as the Defender that came with 10 is sufficient. What do you think of it? — Judy Atkins Most Read Stories 3-course dinners for $32 starting April 2. A: Windows Defender may be all some users need. At the same time, […] Read More →

Webinar on Implementing a Physical Therapy Bonus Plan

Friday, March 31st, 2017:

According to Cary Edgar, “the key is to balance simplicity and effectiveness. Many bonus plans are far too complex-leading to a lack of understanding and impact.” Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) March 31, 2017 This webinar will address the pros and cons of implementing a productivity-based bonus plan for PT/OT providers and how to create and implement a bonus plan.   More specifically, the following questions will be answered:   What is the typical compensation package for PT/OT providers and how does a bonus plan fit into this package? What risks need to be addressed before and after implementing a […] Read More →

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