2017 NFL Seven-Round Mock Draft: Every pick, trade and draft class for all 32 teams

After months of scouting, stopwatches and supercuts of highlights, the 2017 NFL Draft is mere days away.

Throughout April in this space, we speculated what a Cleveland trade up to No. 2 would look like, which nine teams seem like the best candidates for trades up in the first round, and one way the first two days of the draft could fall. Now it’s time for the mother of all mocks, a seven-round buffet of updated picks, trades and team-by-team analysis.

Here’s what you’ll find below: First, a snapshot of how the mock broke down for each of the 32 teams, ordered alphabetically. Each section starts with a table featuring every pick they used or traded, with mock trades denoted by an asterisk (*) in the notes section. The draft order is current as of April 20, with the caveat that the Patriots’ first fifth-round pick has been transferred to the Bills after Mike Gillislee was signed to an offer sheet that Buffalo is not expected to match.

Next you’ll see a short section recapping the draft from the perspective of each team. Why did they use their first pick on a particular player? Why did they trade up or down, and what did they get in return? How could each player potentially fit on that roster? Those questions are all covered. There are even a few trades of veterans mixed in, with two key cornerbacks in particular on the move in the second round.

After we get through all 32 teams, you’ll find a round-by-round list of every pick. Once again, if a pick changes hands in a mock trade, it’s denoted by an asterisk.

Finally, we recap each mock trade, including all 2017 and 2018 draft picks changing hands during the three-day draft as well as any veterans on the move. For each trade, the player selected with the highest acquired pick is included, to get a clear sense of which player is being targeted in a move up.

Exhausting? Certainly. Informative? Hopefully, even if…

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