10 Linux distributions for developers

10 Linux distributions for developers

Linux distributions geared toward casual desktop users are important, but developers also need to use Linux. Developers have different needs than other users, so certain distributions can be better than others for development purposes. But which distros are well suited for developers?

A writer at TechRadar Pro has a helpful roundup of 10 of the best Linux distributions for developers.

Nate Drake reports for TechRadar Pro:

More popular versions of Linux such as Ubuntu focus on enhancing the user experience by automatically updating packages and providing flashy, resource-heavy GUIs.

While user-friendly distributions (distros) certainly have their place, in this guide, we’ve tried to get back to the glory days when developers would customise their Linux build. These Linux distros allow you to fine-tune your development environment so whether you’re a veteran programmer or relative newcomer, you can get on with your coding.

  1. Arch Linux

  2. Debian

  3. Raspbian

  4. Gentoo

  5. Ubuntu

  6. Fedora

  7. OpenSUSE

  8. CentOS

  9. Solus

  10. Puppy Linux

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